Oksana Malinovskaya

Attorney at Law

Graduated in 2004 from Smolensk Institute of Humanities with a degree in Law studies- specialization in Civil Law. Legal experience since 1993. She received the status of a lawyer in 2012.

Specializes in military law, civil and administrative cases,

related to military service (dismissal from military service,

bringing servicemen to disciplinary and material responsibility,

provision of monetary allowances, benefits and guarantees for military people and members of their families, housing disputes (registration of those in need of housing, payment of subsidies for the acquisition or construction of private premises, specialized housing stock, NIS, etc.), as well as criminal cases involving this category of special subjects.

Has a successful litigation practice in housing disputes related to issues of family law, as well as defense in criminal cases, starting from the initial stages, criminal process of various types of crimes. The principle of lawyer’s work: “He who does not fight, he has already lost!”