Alexander Aldaev

Attorney at law

Alexander Aldaev – Attorney at law of the International Bar Association “Law firm “Levant and partners” in Moscow.

In 2013 graduated with honors from the Russian Academy of Justice at the Supreme Court and the Higher Arbitration Court of the Russian Federation with a degree in “Law”.

After graduation began working as an assistant in the court of general jurisdiction. Later was promoted to advisor on the civil service and was transferred to the Moscow Region Arbitration Court to a similar position.

Within a three-year period of working in the public service, began to work in the private sector. In particular, worked as an international lawyer in the Russian affiliate of an English company. Since 2017 has been working as an attorney in the Moscow Chamber of Lawyers.

Was a defender in criminal cases of large-scale embezzlement in the central office of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia, hijacking of a river vessel in Moscow (June 2017), cases of drug trafficking on a particularly large scale, and production of counterfeit money.

The main fields of occupations are civil law, intellectual property law, international private law, representation of clients in civil and arbitration disputes, criminal law, protection of defendants’ interests, victims in criminal cases.