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Tax law


The firm provides tax consultation and helps in resolving tax disputes. There are so many situations when you will need professional tax consultancy. You want to get tax deductions or refund VAT, you are concerned about the resulting tax benefit, you are afraid of tax liability – legal advice from a tax lawyer will always help in these situations. If you are negotiating with a foreign company and cannot assess the possible tax risks of transactions, or you want to set up a business with a foreign company, the firm’s tax lawyers will help you.

Our services:

  • Tax consultancy and preparation of legal opinions;
  • Assistance in the event of tax audits and appeal procedures;
  • Legal assessment of acts and decisions of tax authorities;
  • Defending clients when the legislation on criminal liability is applied ;
  • Conducting cases relating to VAT refunds;
  • Consultation on the questions concerning tax reductions;
  • Tax audit of contracts;
  • Taxation of international trade.