Sports law


Legal relations arising in the sports sphere are characterized by the frequent occurrence of conflict situations which are quite specific. That is why for the successful operation of athletes, teams and sports organizations, professional legal support is especially indispensible. The firm provides legal assistance to athletes, sports clubs, coaches, sponsors, sports schools on any legal issues, regardless of the sport and place of business. Issues of the conclusion of various contracts (labour, agency, etc.), advice on tax issues, the resolution of disputes, etc. – all of the abovementioned requires deep knowledge not only in the national legislation, local acts of sports organizations, but also the awareness of the specifics in the field of international regulation of the athlete’s professional activities.

The firm has historically provided legal consult of international sports organizations.

Our services:

  • Representation of client’s interests in the state courts of Russia, in the Dispute Resolution Chamber of the Football Union of Russia (FUR DRC), the KHL Disciplinary Committee, the FIFA Dispute Resolution Chamber (DRC), the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) in Lausanne and other instances (including disputes connected with the recovery of damages for the unlawful dismissal of an athlete/trainer, accusation in contractual matchmaking, disputes concerning the determination of professional suitability, disputes related to using prohibited substances);
  • Representation of interests in state authorities;
  • Drafting and legal audit of contracts in accordance with the requirements of Russian and international law (including labour and agency contracts with clubs, athletes, coaches and agents, as well as sponsorship agreements, agreements with volunteers of sports organizations);
  • Legal support of negotiations on transfers of players;
  • Development of rules of proceedings, domestic regulations, orders, other regulations and local acts of sports clubs;
  • Legal support of sports clubs’ activities for the organization of competitions and tournaments;
  • Advising on the use and protection of rights to images, trademarks, etc.;
  • Providing legal consultations on the issues of licensing, merchandising, etc.