Real Estate and Land law


The practice of supporting transactions with land and real estate is one of the key areas of the firm’s activities. The glut of the construction and development of investment relations, the introduction into free circulation previously limited certain categories of land, etc. create a necessity for qualified legal services in this area.

Regulation at the regional level is the peculiarity of land regulations in Russia: many issues are regulated by the acts of the constituent entity of the Russian Federation and municipalities, and the practice of solving certain issues can vary significantly from region to region. A deep understanding of the specifics enables the firm’s specialists to provide a wide range of services at all stages of legal support for real estate transactions in Russia.

Our services:

Legal expertise of projects related to real estate:

  • Due Diligence of chattels real and land plots, including expert examination of the legality of the acquisition, the record of privatization;
  • Identification of risks, as well as development and implementation of a scheme for the acquisition of real estate;
  • Legal expertise of investment contracts, as well as comprehensive support of the investor’s activities;
  • Development and examination of tender documentation, as well as complex legal support of tender election procedures.

Structuring of transactions:

  • Development of the optimal structure of transactions for the acquisition and disposition of real estate;
  • Drafting of contracts, decisions and other documents required for transactions with real estate;
  • Working out and implementation of an asset consolidation scheme.

 Maintenance of registration rights to real estate and transactions with chattels real:

  • Working out and implementation of the algorithm for acquiring rights to real estate;
  • Accompanying the procedures for obtaining a certificate of approval of the architectural and town-planning documentation, land plot development plan, building permission, etc.;
  • Alteration of the designated land use;
  • Privatization of real estate;
  • Preparation and receipt of permits for the implementation of transactions with real estate;
  • Working out of a scheme for the sale of real estate, as well as integrated support for the implementation of the scheme;
  • Judicial protection of property rights.