Labour law


The development of the labor market in Russia, the growth of the general legal competence of hired personnel, the improvement of migration legislation and the regulation of foreign employment – all this largely transfer issues of labor law to the competence of specialized lawyers, through traditionally these matters were regarded as the responsibility of human resources specialists. Such questions are particularly important for foreign specialists arriving to work in Russia, and foreign companies that open representative offices, branches and subsidiaries in Russia. Our practice on labor law is especially directed on those, who are aware of the subsequent high cost, adverse consequences of mistakes and lack of a professional approach during labour relations formalization.

Our services:

Forming-up of system of labor relations in companies and resolving labor disputes:

  • Providing legal advice on the various issues of implementation of labor legislation, including legislation on labor protection, and internal labor regulations (local normative acts);
  • Providing legal advice regarding performance of collective employment contracts and employment contracts;
  • Advising on the implementation of legislation on social security;
  • Providing legal advice on tax issues, connected with employment, including compulsory social insurance;
  • Preparation of drafts documents, connected with labor, including employment contracts and collective employment contracts, internal labor regulations (local normative acts);
  • Legal expertise of labor law documents and preparation of proposals for their improvement;
  • Adaptation of the global HR policies (local normative acts) and employment contracts of transnational companies for their implementation in Russia;
  • Participation in collective negotiations with employees` representatives;
  • Participation in individual negotiations with employees on the establishment and application of working conditions, including extrajudicial settlement of disputes with the employee;
  • Representation in state bodies for supervision and control in the sphere of wage labor;
  • Representation of the employer’s interests in the course of consideration and resolving collective labor disputes;
  • Representation of the employer’s interests in the course of consideration and resolving individual labor disputes;
  • Legal audit of the employer’s activities for compliance with labor legislation with the preparation of proposals for improving the employer’s activities;
  • Comprehensive legal support of staff-related (HR) activities (staff reduction, staff transfers between different employers, organizational and technological change in working conditions, etc.).
  • Representation of the interests of employees and employers in the judicial authorities, the office of public prosecutor and in the labor inspection on the issues arising out of labor relations.

Legal support for foreign employees and their employers:

  • Obtaining permits for Russian organizations to engage foreign labor power;
  •  Obtaining personal permits for foreign citizens to work in Russia;
  • Accreditation of foreign employees working in branches and representative offices of foreign companies.