Family law


Family relationships affect each of us whether it be with regard to the ones between spouses, children and parents or relatives. For this reason, family disputes are the most common category of civil disputes, but not the easiest in resolution. Such disputes may concern the establishment or contestation of paternity, the deprivation of the parental rights of one of the spouses, the dissolution of marriage, the division of spouses’ property, the recovery of alimony, the deprivation of parental rights, the determination of the place of residence of the child, the definition of the order of meetings with the child, and many other issues.

Due to globalization, the number of marriages concluded between citizens of different states is growing rapidly. The forms of marriage, the regulation of the conditions of conclusion of marriage, as well as the procedure for dissolving a marriage, have certain differences in different jurisdictions, which can certainly lead to the emergence of complex legal issues.

For many years of practice, the firm has accumulated a rich experience of legal support on the issues of family and marriage.

Our services:

  • Representation of the client’s interests in courts on all categories of family disputes in all instances;
  • Drafting and legal expertise of premarital agreements, as well as legal consult on their execution and challenge;
  • Working out of agreements on the division of spouses’ joint property;
  • Recovery of alimony;
  • Establishing / challenging paternity;
  • Drafting of agreements on the procedure for communicating with children, as well as their upbringing and supporting;
  • Consults on the issues of deprivation of parental rights;
  • Elimination of obstacles for the child’s travel abroad;
  • Issues of guardianship registration;
  • Legal support of conclusion and dissolution of a marriage between citizens of different states, as well as persons with multiple citizenship;
  • Settlement of disputes with foreign citizens in case the disputable property is located abroad;
  • Mediation (resolution of disputes by the means of negotiations between spouses at the pre-trial stage).