Cyber law

The quantity of Internet users is continuously increasing, opening more and more opportunities both for personal needs and the conduct of business. Users of the World Wide Web often face various legal issues, such as regulation of electronic commerce, protection of copyright on the Internet, obtaining and retaining rights on using of a domain name, protecting personal data. All of the above is only part of the possible controversial legal issues arising in the online world. Besides, at present, such types of cybercrimes as phishing (the type of fraud whose main purpose is the acquisition of personal data of users, for example, ID, password, login, etc.), carding (the purpose of which is to obtain payment data of the user’s card), the spread of malicious software and others have become extremely widespread.

Cyberlaw is quite a young direction and in its essence represents a set of rules of different branches of law. Taking into account that any legal relationship arising in the Internet is transboundary due to the global and transboundary nature of the Network itself, Internet law is closely related to international private and public law.

 Our services:

  • Representation of the client’s interests in courts, including disputes related to the infringement of the copyright in the Internet, domain disputes;
  • Legal support of Internet projects;
  • Advising on the protection of personal data on the Internet;
  • Protection of domain names;
  • Registration of software;
  • Registration of rights to the website;
  • Advising on e-commerce;
  • Providing legal advice on issues related to cybercrime.