Criminal law


Criminal charges, whether felony or misdemeanour, are serious matters that could cause irreparable harm to your life. A conviction could mean prison time, fines and probation. It could also mean, however, that you will be unable to secure employment.

We believe that everyone deserves a strong criminal defence. The Levant and partners law firm provides clients with the personal attention of our lawyers. We get to know you, spend time with you, and we are dedicated to providing a broad scale of the legal services in which you can put your trust.

With over 5 years of legal experience, we know how stressful going through a criminal defence case can be on our clients and their families. This is why we try to keep our clients informed of everything that is going on in their case, both through regular communication and by providing copies of all pertinent materials that they might need.

When you hire the Levant and partners law firm, our experienced criminal lawyers will review your case and analyze every detail to determine your best defence strategy. We conduct independent investigations, rigorously examine all the forensic evidence produced against you and advocate aggressively on your behalf. While it is impossible to say what will or will not happen in a criminal case, our help could be the difference you need.

Some of the lawyers in the Levant and partners law firm are former federal and state Law enforcement officers who are familiar with the prosecutor’s offices in the jurisdictions we serve. Because of our reputation in the legal community, we have retained a significant amount of credibility with the area prosecutor’s offices.

The Levant and partners law firm represents the clients on all stages of criminal proceedings, starting from out of court stage to the extent of court procedures of all instances.

Our practice areas of criminal law include:

  • crimes against property (theft, robbery, robbery, fraud, extortion);
  • crimes against public safety;
  • crimes committed in the sphere of economic activity;
  • crimes against public health and public morality;
  • crimes against the government, interests of public service.

Our lawyers have extensive experience in the field of economic crimes as well as have excellent knowledge of commercial law.

Our practice areas of criminal law in the field of economic activity include: 

  • tax crimes;
  • swindling;
  • Illegal enterprise;
  • legalisation (laundering) of funds;
  • lawless actions in case of bankruptcy, deliberate or fictitious bankruptcy;
  • smuggling.