Recognition of a juridical or natural person as insolvent (bankrupt) assumes long-time judicial proceedings, as well as adherence to a great number of non-judicial formalities. However, bankruptcy does not necessarily mean complete busting. Effective legal support of bankruptcy proceedings can serve as a tool that allows a bankrupt to go to a new start. The firm represents the interests of both juridical and natural persons involved in the bankruptcy procedures.

Owing to the membership in the International Association of Independent Law Firms- ADVOC, the firm provides legal support in the procedures of transnational insolvencies.

Our services:

  • Representation of the client’s interests for the purpose of pre-judicial debt repayment (including preparation and submission of claims for repayment of debts by the creditor, negotiations with the creditor on debt restructuring, drafting settlement agreements);
  • Initiation of a bankruptcy procedure of a natural person;
  • Legal support of the bankruptcy procedure of a natural person;
  • Initiation of the bankruptcy procedure of a legal entity upon application of the debtor or creditor;
  • Legal support of bankruptcy procedure of a legal entity;
  • Inclusion of creditors’ claims in the register;
  • Consulting and legal support in the election of an insolvency officer, as well as supporting his activities;
  • Appeal against the actions of the insolvency officer;
  • Legal support of a foreign creditor in case of recognition of the Russian debtor as bankrupt (insolvent);
  • Legal support of the Russian creditor in case of recognition of a foreign debtor as bankrupt (insolvent);
  • Representation of the interests of the creditor if the debtor’s property is located abroad.