Antitrust legislation


The antimonopoly law is a dynamically developing industry. For the successful passing of the inspections regarding the company’s activities it is necessary to monitor continuously the legislative innovations. The practice of the firm is aimed at protecting the business from the unfair actions of competitors and state authorities in cases of unfair competition, restriction of competition, etc.

Our services:

  •  Providing support during scheduled and unscheduled antimonopoly audits, as well as during investigations of violation of antimonopoly legislation;
  •  Consulting on the issues of the economic concentration (including the negotiation of the transactions with the Federal Antimonopoly Service of the Russian Federation, the coordination of the creation, merger and acquisition of companies, the definition of the company’s group of entities structure chart);
  •  Supporting the activities of the bidding organizers and auction participants, as well as contestation of auction results;
  • Advising on foreign investment in strategic sectors of the economy;
  • Judicial defense in the antitrust disputes (including disputes concerning cartels, abuse of dominant position in the market and agreements with government authorities restricting competition) in all instances;
  • Advising on the issues of antimonopoly legislation (including the analysis of agreements for compliance with the antimonopoly legislation, legal analysis of the client’s market behavior strategy for compliance with the antimonopoly legislation, analysis and drafting of the distribution agreements, bonus and discount programs, consulting on the requirements of advertising legislation).