Infrastructure and transport


Transport law involves plenty complex aspects connected with logistics, transportation of goods and people, transport expedition and others. Disputes can arise from shortage of the cargo, damage to the goods, customs clearance, custody agreements, poor-quality transportation of passengers and so on.

Nowadays a special form of cooperation – public-private partnership – appears to be gaining in popularity with regard to implementation of infrastructure projects in Russia. Since these projects are long-term and complicated according to their legal content, legal support for such projects is necessary from the very beginning. The legal form of projects can be either an agreement of public-private partnership, a concession agreement, or a state contract. The firm has expertise of legal support of such projects as well as fundamental knowledge of the features of each of the forms of civil-private partnership that contributes to the realization of the maximum potential of client’s project.

In addition, it should be noted that infrastructure projects remain extremely attractive for investment.

 Our services:

  • Legal examination of transport documents;
  • Drafting of the schemes for the development of public-private partnership projects and legal support of their implementation, including concession agreements, long-term investment agreements, contracts of life cycle and contracts of work and labor;
  • Legal risk assessment of the implementation of public-private partnerships and working out means of minimizing such risks;
  • Drafting of normative documentation for implementation of public-private partnerships;
  • Legal support of execution of public-private partnerships projects at federal, regional and municipal levels;
  • Legal advice on mergers and acquisitions of transport enterprises;
  • Development of schemes for investment in transport projects;
  • Preparation of transport documents (including contracts of carriage, transport expedition, storage and custody agreements, as well as agreements for cargo insurance);
  • Legal support of transportation of goods by sea, rail, air and road transport;
  • Representation of client’s interests in courts of all levels.