Fashion law


In Russia, the legal protection of creative ideas and models of designers is not such widespread as, for example, in the European Union or in the United States, where the concept of “design law” is commonly known. However, Russian designers also often deal with piracy, counterfeit products, and consumer protection issues or, for example, issues related to trade secrets. Despite a small number of cases considered by the courts, the design of clothes, jewelry or any other accessories are recognized as copyright objects. A deep understanding of the specifics of the legal protection of this type of activity enables our specialists to provide a wide range of legal services to the fashion industry.

Our services:

  • Registration of trademarks, service marks on the territory of the Russian Federation and abroad;
  • Drafting and registration of contracts on the alienation of intellectual property rights (including agreements on transfer or assignment of rights, license agreements, commercial concession agreements, etc.);
  • Consulting on the violation of intellectual property rights (including issues of plagiarism of products, counterfeit products and others);
  • Drafting and legal expertise of all types of contracts and agreements (including supply contracts, agency contracts, distribution agreements, agreements on services for stimulating the promotion of goods, contracts for the production of products, labor contracts, sponsorship agreements and others);
  • Preparation of agreements between designers and clothing manufacturing companies;
  • Working out of standard documents for conducting online trade;
  • Drafting and analysis of lease agreements for retail space;
  • Drawing up and legal expertise of agreements with models, model agencies and photographers;
  • Drafting of agreements on the right of publications and advertising;
  • Providing legal advice on compliance with requirements of customs legislation;
  • Judicial protection of disputes arising out of relations in the fashion industry.