Enforcement proceedings


Adjudication does not always become the final point in resolving the dispute as the debtors do not always immediately and voluntarily execute judgments ruled not in their favor. Enforcement proceeding is an independent stage of administrative/civil/arbitration process, where the mandatory enforcement of valid judicial decisions take place. The main purpose of enforcement proceeding is the restoration and protection of violated rights of citizens and legal entities which are guaranteed by accurate and faithful execution of the court decisions as well as other acts and documents within the fixed period of time. The legal support of the firm’s specialists can significantly fasten the execution of judgments.

Our services:

  • Control over execution of court decisions, including execution abroad;
  • Conducting negotiations with the debtor on the voluntary repayment of a debt;
  • Representation of clients’ interests in the Federal Bailiff’s Service throughout Russian Federation;
  • Presence during the performance of actions by a bailiff;
  • Appeal against the actions (lack of actions) and decisions of the bailiff;
  • Representing in the Federal Treasury of the Russian Federation and banks (in case of debt collection);
  • Legal assistance to the debtor (including negotiating with the recoveree; challenging the valuation of the debtor’s property subjected to recovery; exemption of property from arrest);
  • Protection of rights and interests of third parties which are not parties of enforcement proceeding.