New Year NFT Gift for Our Partners, Clients and Friends

Levant & partners law firm sincerely congratulates our partners, clients and friends with the upcoming New Year.

The 2020 trend of remote work and partnership building has further developed in 2021, while the digital economy reached the next level by the formation of the brand new art space within emerging Metaverses. Therefore, it is no accident that the phrase NFT (non-fungible tokens) has been claimed as word of the year by Collins English Dictionary.

Inspired by progressive NFT-projects of the State Hermitage Museum, our team has prepared unique New Year gifts for you. Two types of non-fungible tokens, LVNT ART POSTCARD and LVNT PRO BONO, have been minted.

The LVNT ART POSTCARD is a result of our long-term cooperation with Sergey Elkin, a well-known Russian cartoonist. Sergey’s New Year postcards reflect the brightest events of the passing year and simply cannot leave their recipients indifferent. Only 222 tokens of this kind were minted.

NFT collection of Christmas and New Year art cards were also released for the firm on a special order and have been created by the artist Sergey Elkin over decades. This NFT collection will be available in a limited edition for collectors.

The LVNT PRO BONO is a utility token and an object of intellectual property, which combines visual, audio and video elements. This token entitles its recipients to one-hour online consultation of lawyers, patent attorneys, tax consultants or mediators of the firm. This right can be claimed throughout 2022. The LVNT PRO BONO was minted in 222 tokens. Our team will provide the NFT Gift Manual for the convenience of recipients.

The LVNT PRO BONO will be distributed among our existing clients and a number of cultural institutions and children’s charity funds in Moscow and Russian regions as part of the firm’s New Year Charity Initiative. All recipients of the token LVNT PRO BONO may freely dispose of this token, including giving it away as a gift or selling.

The granting of rights to our NFTs is a truly unique gift not only due to the non-fungible nature of the digital objects but also because this gift represents our most valuable assets – time, knowledge and experience.

We express our gratitude to the first-class developers of the investment platform Limkor for providing a comprehensive technical support of this initiative.

We hope that all recipients of our NFTs, as well as their subsequent holders, will not only experience aesthetic enjoyment but also feel part of our initiative that unites law, most recent technology trends, art and charity.

Happy New Year!

With best wishes, love and care,

The team of Levant & partners