Advoc Joint Conference 2019

Dear Advoc Members, dear Friends,

Thank you for participation in Advoc Joint Conference 2019 and valuable contribution to the global meeting.

It was our great pleasure and honor to host you in Moscow. We thank you for tremendous efforts to travel so far from 5 continents.

Advoc Joint Conference was a wonderful chance not only to show our country. Our team has been so much inspired by exchanging information and knowledge with you that all the members of the team are willing to participate in Advoc activities and events.

We would love to thank you for constant support, warm words, exciting communication and eternal confidence of successful collaboration for many years.

Please also be aware that you are always welcome in Russia and we will be glad to guide you to many other exciting and interesting parts of Mother Russia.

We also would like to express our gratitude for countless greetings and gifts on the occasion of 15-th anniversary of Levant & partners law firm.

We are happy to keep the spirit of Advoc here in Russia. Thank you for the trust!