Matvey Levant the Managing Partner of “Levant & Partners” took part in the AGM of the Advoc association Europe in Stockholm

Matvey Levant the Managing Partner of “Levant & Partners” took part in the AGM of the Advoc association Europe in Stockholm

Matvey Levant, managing partner of the law firm “Levant & Partners”, participated in the conference of international legal association ADVOC, which took place in Stockholm from 16-20 May 2012. At the annual general meeting, the association’s basic goals and tasks were agreed for 2012-2013, in accordance with the demands of the clients of ADVOC.

During the conference, Matvey Levant proposed a new idea to colleagues; this being the creation of the project “Firm of the Month”. Every month a story will be dedicated to the achievements and practice of a particular member firm of ADVOC. In Mr Levant’s opinion, such a practice will allow not only detailed familiarization with the activities of international colleagues, but will also give potential members of ADVOC the opportunity to assess the geographical location of the association and the level of the law firms joining it.

Managing partner Matvey Levant with Chairman of the Management Board of Ashfords LLP Simon Rous

In 2012, specialists of the law firm “Levant & Partners” added three spheres to their practice, including, Intellectual Property, Real Estate and Antimonopoly Law. This introduction will provide the lawyers of the firm not only with wide international practice, but the opportunity for discussion and analysis of developments in the world legal market.

The annual conference in Stockholm was organized by Swedish colleagues from the legal firm “KLA-Karlerö Liljeblad Advokatbyrå Handelsbolag”, who joined the legal market in 1994. This added to the list of ADVOC’s events, which always accord to the high standards of the organizations involved and are hosted in many parts of the world.

Managing partner Matvey Levant with Jean-Pierre Brusseleers – Founding partner of BKpartners and his wife Isabel

ADVOC is an international association of independent law firms. Every member firm of ADVOC is well-known and respected in its region, and each is ready to immediately respond to the questions of clients of other member firms.   ADVOC consists of firms from large business centres of the world in more than 55 countries, from New York and London to Shanghai and Rio De Janeiro. “Levant & Partners” joined ADVOC in 2006 and is the only legal firm representing Russia within the organization.