“Levant and partners” Law firm announced the opening of new office in Tel-Aviv

“Levant and Partners” Law firm announced the opening of their office in Tel Aviv, Israel.

The certificate of representation was signed and in accordance with it the lawyer Boris Lemper  takes office of the law firm “Levant and partners” in the State of Israel.

“Tel Aviv was the first international branch of the” Levant and partners” which sees the next steps in building an international net of offices around the globe. The growth in business activity of our clients brings the understanding that we need to provide legal support to all our customers in Israel and in the world “- said the managing partner of “Levant & Partners Law Firm” Matvey Levant.

According to the representative of the firm Boris Lemper, “the opening of representative office of “Levant and partners Law firm” in Tel Aviv will help to attract new customers who will be able to solve problems not only in national legislation, but also to obtain high-quality services in the field of international law, which is necessary for many people who link their activities with Israel”.

Advoc Europe AGM 2012, First Open Board Meeting, May 16-20, 2012 Stockholm, Sweden

The International network of independent law firms Advoc unites legal firms from more than 50 countries. Its members are the firms working in the largest business centres of the world — from New York and London to Shanghai and Tokyo. Firms, which work in the largest business centres of the world – from New York and London to Shanghai and Tokyo are its members. High-quality legal services in any country of the world are accessible to clients of firms members of ADVOC.

Managing Partner at “Levant & Partners law firm” Matvey Levant will take part in forthcoming conference.

LES Pan-European Conference (Intellectual Property), June 10-12 июня, 2012, Rome, Italy

LES International – the largest international organization in intellectual property cfere, which includes experts in the field of trade licenses and technology transfer. LES International has over  11,000 members from more than 70 countries and consists of 28 national and regional offices (companies), thus providing its members with greater opportunities to establish and expand business contacts.

Managing partner at “Levant & partners Law Firm” Matvey Levant will take part in upcoming conference.

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