March 13 the meeting took place between representative of the “Limmud Moscow” project Alexander Pyatigorsky and Managing Partner of “Levant and partners law firm” Matvey Levant, on which the partnership agreement was sighed

Limud – is an annual conference consisting of educational, cultural and recreational activities of the Jewish subjects. For over then 30 years, Limud seminars and conferences around the world attracting Jews of all ages and walks of life – from Canada to Australia, Switzerland and Turkey, and Israel. Limud conferences conducts for people who seriously studied Jewish subjects, and those who have only basic knowledge in the field of Jewish education, or does not have them at all.

In accordance with this agreement, “Levant and partners law firm” became an official partner providing all necessary legal support to educational center” Thiya “, which is the official organizer of Limmud FSU Moscow from year to year.