The State Duma adopted a law on mediation

State Duma passed the third reading of the law on alternative dispute resolution process involving a mediator (mediation process). January 1, 2011. set-of-court procedure for resolving civil disputes with participation of neutral persons (mediators), as an alternative to judicial or administrative proceedings. The law defines the scope of – the settlement of civil, family and labor disputes. The procedure of mediation can not be applied in civil, employment, family relations, if the results of dispute settlement may affect the interests of third parties not involved in the mediation procedure, or the public interest (such as insolvency (bankruptcy).
Establish requirements for the agreement to the procedure of mediation. The agreement is in writing and shall contain the information: about the parties in dispute, the mediator (mediator) or organization providing services for the mediation procedure, the procedure for mediation procedures, conditions of participation of the parties to pay costs associated with the mediation procedure, timing of the mediation procedure (it should not exceed 180 days). At the same time the mediator and the parties must take all possible measures to ensure that the specified procedure was completed within a period not exceeding 60 days.
Appointment of mediator produced by mutual agreement of the parties, and services for the mediation procedure may be provided at both the paid and free of charge. Prescribed procedure of mediation – the extrajudicial, pretrial and trial, providing for a procedure of mediation at any stage of the trial. Establish requirements for mediators whose activities can be carried out on a professional basis (persons who have attained the age of 25, have a higher vocational education and passed a course in the training program for mediators and approved in the manner determined by the Government Code), and on the basis of non-professional (the person have attained the age of 18, have full capacity and have no criminal record), especially the legal status of self-regulating organizations of mediators and their basic functions.