On June 7, 2010 Valery Narezhny was appointed Managing partner of Levant & Partners International Law Firm. Mr. Narezhny has become the Moscow office head and now coordinates the legal practice of Law Firm

Valery Narezhny has already held this office before between 2004 and 2008. After a two-year recess he has joined the Firm again with new ideas and perspectives. Mr. Narezhny intends to develop such practice areas as corporate and tax law and to exercise the Firm’s strategy not within Moscow but by expanding the practice to other regions of the Russian Federation.

Matvey Levant and Valery Narezhny are partners-founders and are aimed at improving the Law Firm work quality and effectiveness. According to the words of Matvey Levant ‘comeback of Valery Narezhny is the new stage of Law Firm’s history. This is a consequent step towards the worldwide increasing opportunities and opening the new perspectives.

The crucial priority issues in Mr. Narezhny`s work are raising the expertise level and checking its quality. Such statement has been made by Mr. Narezhny afterwards the meeting at which he was officially appointed as the Managing Partner.

Valery Narezhny graduated from the Financial Academy under the Government of the Russian Federation on qualification “Finance and Credit” and the Academy of Law and Governance on qualification “Civil Law”. He specializes in such fields of law as tax, finance, currency and labor law and deals with legislation on banking activities and securities legislation. Valery Narezhny is regarded as recognized expert in the field of tax and corporate practice not only in Russia, but also within the Commonwealth of Independent States.

Mr. Narezhny has work experience with state authorities (the Tax Policy Department of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, The Apparatus of the Government of the Russian Federation) and from time to time is still involved by the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation as a tax legislation expert. He is the author (co-author) of more than 120 publications on corporate law, taxation and audit as well as of 9 books including “Tax legislation of the Russian Federation”, “Agreement on joint activity”, “Simplified Taxation System” etc.