February 18, 2010 Levant & partners Law Firm held a workshop on the subject of efficient management of intellectual property

The workshop was dedicated to commercialization of IP. The main speakers were head of IP department Larisa Yatrova, deputy head of IP department Ekaterina Momot, and lawyer of attorneys at law Alexander Shugaev.

Specific interest among the discussed questions was aroused in the problem of IP market grouping and in the expert review of marketability of new know-how and technology.

Great part of the workshop and the following discussion was dedicated to IP database creation in consideration of expert review of marketability and booking in asset of IP rights as intangible assets and its tax optimization. Moreover issues of IP protection in case of its violation were announced and recommendations on IP rights management of right holders were given.

Speeches were followed by serious questions and each of them was given a detailed answer.

According to Alexander Shugaev’s words, “the workshop attracted unexpected interest among the specialists and analytics”. In view of this Levant & partners Law Firm intends to hold another workshop in the nearest future. Its topic will be announced later.