RF Government adopted New Official Patent and TM Fees

The Government of the Russian Federation adopted a new “Statute on fees for legal actions relating to patenting of invention, utility model, design, registration of trade mark and service mark, appellation of origin” (Act № 941 from December 10, 2008). The Statute takes proper account the amendments due to Part IV of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation (from January 1, 2008).

The new Official Fees are set only in RUR. As it used to be, there is one scale for the Fees for trade marks and appellations of origin. The fees of this scale are up 20% compared to previous one. The Fees for patenting of inventions, utility models and industrial designs are divided in two scales — for Residents and Non-residents. The Fees for Residents are approximately 4 times lower. The new Statute is effective from January 7, 2009.