Levant & Partners law firm formed the working group on M&A, Litigation and Labour Disputes

In order to better serve the client’s needs under the current and emerging trends within the global economy, Levant & Partners law firm formed the working group on Litigation, Dispute Resolution, Bankruptcy, M&A, Labor Dispute.

“The tasks of this working group correspond with the latest market conditions and demands”, said Matvey Levant, managing partner of Levant & Partners law firm. “Due to the credit crunch the equity selling will often be the only source of raising capital. That will result in M&A activity increase. The second trend is the growth in number of legal disputes on corporate lending consequently. Finally, the shutdown of non-effective or non-core businesses within the bankruptcy institute seems inevitable”.

The fundamental task of this group is to formulate for clients their legal policies to prevent possible problems. Solving the current problems, the working group should create the special network, interconnected across the countries.