ADVOC, a worldwide network of independent law firms, emphasized the importance of strong personal links between ADVOC members from Europe, USA, Latin America and Asia

ADVOC is an international association of independent law firms. Each legal firm in ADVOC is known and respected for its region and each has agreed to respond immediately to the needs of clients of other member firms. Levant & Partners law firm is a member of ADVOC since 2006 and as a member has an exclusive right to represent ADVOC in Moscow.

Matvey Levant, Managing Partner of Levant & Partners law firm, participated in ADVOC Open Board Meeting held on the 26-28 September 2008 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The Board reviewed ADVOC’s Purpose Statement following a wide range of future strategic directions and the future needs of ADVOC’s clients worldwide.

“Current Purpose Statement emphasized the importance of developing strong cross border personal links between members”, said Matvey Levant. “Since the last review ADVOC has doubled its members. This growth showed us that personal communication can be the engine of future development and profitability bringing to our business flexibility and speed”.