How to organize a corporate event?

Maria Ermakova PR-manager of Levant & partners law firm gives comments on the topic “How to organize a special corporate event?”, published on information site Rabota.Ru (August, 2008).

Corporate event is one of the most important tools in the sphere of Public Relations, due to this event employee starts to percept himself as an inallinable part of collective. Well-organized corporate event forms and boosts the culture of organization. It is especially it is important when a company enriches its staff with a new person “, – says Maria Ermakova, PR-manager Levant & partners law firm.

Five or six corporate events a year (half of them shall be constitute holidays) benefit the company most of all. Corporate holidays must be held to commemorate not only firm’s anniversary, professional holidays but coming of summer as well.

“In summer corporate event organization shall take place in open places with the fresh air, in winter it may be club or restaurant”, Maria Ermakova states. And it is necessary to prevent people from splitting into the groups (top-management – subordinates) “, says Maria Ermakova.