Summer internship program for students and graduates of foreign colleges and universities

Foreign students from Great Britain and the USA specializing in the field of Russian law have been interning at Levant and partners law firm from June of 2008.  An internship at a Russian law firm is a unique opportunity for them to gain valuable knowledge and professional experience in the sphere of Russian law. Working in a Russian firm helps future foreign lawyers specializing in Russian law to study major aspects of the occupation.

Interning at the firm “Levant and partners” has made it possible for the foreign specialists to become familiar with the internal structure of the firm as well as principles of conducting business in Russia.

Interns prepare a legal presentation at the end of their internship. Kawal Wadha, a 3rd-year student from Brunel University (England), gave a presentation on the 22nd of June. Her presentation was concerned with the major aspects of founding a law firm in England.

“Practicing in Levant & partners law firm was a real opportunity for me, and I tried hard to do whatever task was given to me to the best of my ability,” Kawal Wadhwa said. “The internship program often helps the students to choose the area which they are interested in and which is the foundation for their future career,” commented the managing partner Matvey Levant.

The involvement of young foreign specialists has become possible due to partnership with foreign law firms and membership in international legal associations (Advoc, INTA, AIPPI, etc). Collaboration with foreign institutions reflects a fundamental principle of working at “Levant and partners” – we are a “one stop shop” (providing qualified consultations on the law of any country).