Levant & partners law firm organized a special round table for State Russian Nanotechnology Corporation

The round table will take place on July 7 in Moscow organized by Levant & partners law firm for the State Russian Nanotechnology Corporation.  Valery Narezhny, L&P of council, will present a report “Intellectual Property as a Tool for Tax Optimization.” Roman Margulis, a tax lawyer at Levant & partners law firm, will assist him. The target audience of the round table is the top-management of “Rosnanoteh”, there will be 30 representatives of the corporation.

The meeting program will be concerned with the following topics:

  • Peculiar aspects of intellectual property that can be used in the process of tax planning;
  • The concept of “intangible assets” in tax transactions: how intellectual property is recognized as intangible assets;
  • Royalty as a form of redistribution of profit and tax load in multilevel business structures;
  • Review of the basic risks in the use of intellectual property in tax planning and methods of minimization.

Mr. Narezhny will describe the use of intellectual property and intangible assets in the tax planning process. He will focus on the idea of royalties as a form of profit distribution and the tax burden on multilevel business- structures.

Valery Narezhny – L&P of counsel. Specializes in taxation, financial, corporate, labor and monetary law, legislation on banking operations and securities. Graduated from the Financial Academy of Government of the Russian Federation (Moscow), degree in “finances and credits” and Academy of Management and Law (Moscow), degree in Civil law. Worked in Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation and RF Government Staff, and in a series of Russian leading consulting companies. Took part in drafting a number of legislative acts, including the second part of the Tax code. In 2005 defended his thesis for the degree of Ph. D. in economics. Intermittently is engaged by the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation as an expert in tax law. Mr. Narezhny has an attestation of the general auditor. Has more then 120 publications on corporate law, taxation and audit, and also 9 books, among them “Tax legislation of the Russian Federation”, “Joint cooperation agreement”, “Simplified taxation” and others.

Roman Margulis – tax lawyer. Specializes in taxation and civil law. Graduated from the Russian State Tax Academy of the Finance Department of the Russian Federation. Currenly receives second higher education in the State University of Management. Published several articles on taxation. Postgraduate study, specialization – “Taxes and taxation”.

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