The significant changes of the Russian Federation Labor code, comments of L&P managing partner, Valery Narezhny and the lawyer, Anastasia Reznik in Career Forum

The new issue of “The Career Forum” color supplement contains the article of the managing partner Valery Narezhny and the lawyer Anastasia Reznik.The article gives a legal review over the latest changes in the Labor law. Primarily it considers questions of the biggest interest and concerning the subject-matter of the Labor agreement, the order of its concluding, alteration and termination.“Much attention is paid to the parties of the labor relations, in particular the characteristic of the employer. The employer can be now also an individual aged sixteen and in some cases aged fourteen.”

The new edition of the Russian Federation Labor Code also specifies the limiting enumeration of the obligatory data, which should be mentioned in the labor agreement. The article reviews the order of coming into force of the labor agreement. “The employee will have the right to consider the agreement unconcluded in case if the employer doesn’t embark to work within the contracted period now”.

The article gives a deep view over the following changes of the Labor code: the procedure for imposition of disciplinary sanctions, establishment of new employer’s benefits, new type of apprenticeship agreement (the possibility of reeducation on the job so as the professional education on the job).