Research leave according to the Russian Federation Labor code – fiction or reality?Comments of managing partner Valery Narezhny in monthy magazine Staff

Valery Narezhny, the managing partner of Levant & partners law firm comments on the situation of a long-term absence on the work place that overrides the period of basic and additional leave in the new issue of the magazine for the human resource managers Staff (March, 2008).

“Such vacation can be connected with the necessity of some scholarly work completion, care for incapable relative, realization of the repairs, departure to another city or country on social or educational program, etc.  Generally employee meets the wishes of the employer by affording such an opportunity and preserving the job if he or she is interested in such specialist”, – asserts Valery Narezhny.

Going forward this brings up the question of a legal implementation of such consent between the employee and the employer. Valery Narezhny mentions the two main flows of this situation:

1.To draw up the leave within the full absence period on the enumerated grounds.

2.Not to draw up the employer’s leave, but legally consider the latest performing his obligations in full force (regardless of the real situation).