"Levant and partners" Law firm provide financial and legal assistance to non-profit organization "International Legal Foundation", created in 2002 to provide professional assistance to individuals and non-profit organizations in the field of protection against all forms of extremism, racial and national intolerance.


Lawyers of the fund took an active part in the coordination committee to combat manifestations of fascism, extremism, xenophobia, nationalism, created in 2002 with the Moscow Helsinki Group and includes representatives of various political parties and human rights organizations.


Since early 2002, lawyers, attorneys and tax advisors implemented and enforced at the moment dozens of projects.


Among the recipients of free advice:


  • Non-Profit Partnership "The World of Science"
  • Congress of Jewish Religious Organizations and Associations in Russia
  • Moscow Jewish cultural and educational society
  • Interregional public fund "Holocaust"
  • Center for the Study of Judaism "Kollel" Torah Mi-Tzion "
  • The Writers' Union of Moscow
  • Foundation for the orphanages and children's homes
  • ANO "stArt"
  • Chamber Orchestra Kremlin
  • Fund "Centre of Jewish life of youth" "Hillel"