Intellectual Property

Nowadays no development of economy and business is possible without use of results of intellectual activity. We live and work in an age where intellect has become a property which needs of effective registration and protection.

Our highly qualified patent attorneys with experience gained during more than 30 years activity in the I.P. field render full-service and advice relating to obtaining, maintaining and protection in Russia and in foreign countries of all the types of intellectual property: inventions, utility models, industrial designs, selective achievements, trade and service marks, appellations of origins, firm/company names as well as copyrights and neighboring rights (in literary, musical and artistic works in films and records, etc.), computer software, data bases, topology of integrated circuits and domain names.  Whether you require a professional assistance in infringement or opposition disputes or you are concerned with technology transfer - we have good enough experience to be of service to you. Our basic philosophy is to find solutions to the individual problems of our clients in commerce and industry by taking into account not only the legal requirements and possibilities but also the commercial aims to be achieved.


Our services are as follows:


  • Preliminary analysis of intended for registration/patenting innovations to determine their patentability potential and the most effective form of protection;
  • Search and analysis of found documents to reveal the prior art level;
  • Drafting and preparing applications and other documents necessary for filing with  Russian and, Eurasian and foreign countries Patent Offices;
  • Preparing and filing international and regional applications;
  • Competent  proceeding at all the steps of  the Patent Office examination process: commenting on examiners' inquiries, preparing reasoned responses etc.; 
  • Maintaining of granted rights (patents, registration certificates);
  • Preparing and registration of documents on assigning/ licensing  of I.P. rights with patent offices;
  • Representing  Client's interests in case of contesting of the  Patent Office decisions, preparing oppositions/responses to opposition, written requests to the appeal institutes, participation in oral hearings etc;
  • Representing of Client's interests in case of violation of I.P. rights( patents, trade mark registration etc) in arbitration institutes, preparing written opinions and requests, participation in oral hearings etc;
  • Preparing expert opinions on whether the fact of patent /registration violation takes place, on identity, similarity, protectability  of trade marks etc; 
  • Consulting on legal relationship between authors/inventors, employers and third parties.
  • Development of intellectual property management system (IPMS) of company (corporation, holding).