Real Estate and Land Law


Legal support of land and real estate transactions is one of the key practice areas of the firm. Current active real estate development, investments in real estates, cancellation of restrictions on trading with distinct categories of the land - all these facts in complex result in permanent necessity in competent legal services in this area.


The specific feature of business related to real estate in Russia is significant role of local legislation and municipal acts and bills in regulation of the real estate relations. In this respect practice of completion of similar tasks may seriously vary from region to region. Penetrative understanding of these specifics allows our lawyers to provide the clients with the services in all aspects of real estate and related transactions in Russia.


Expert evaluation of real estate projects


  • Due Diligence of real estate and land plots including examination of chain of title transfers, validity of privatization;
  • Determination of risks connected with acquirement of title on real estate;
  • Investment contract examination.


Structuring of transactions


  • Development of effective structure of real estate acquisition and alienation transactions;
  • Drafting of agreements, contracts and other documents required for the real estate title transfer.


Legal support of formalization of title on the real estate and the respective transactions


  • Change of assignment of land use;
  • Privatization of real estate;
  • Drafting and obtaining of approval documentation required.