Recently the demand for qualified legal services has sharply increased. Despite the fact that Russian law is a developing system of legal rules, it contains weaknesses and gaps. The executives of many companies have decided to turn to a reliable source for legal assistance with complex problems.


The defining feature of “Levant and Partners” practice is that our specialists combine an individual approach to each client with a deep understanding of the specifics of its business. In light of the great trust that our clients place in us, the partners and lawyers at the firm guarantee strict confidentiality. Confidentiality is a necessity for our work with Russian as well as foreign clients. Any information obtained from our clients necessary for projects' implementation shall not be disclosed. This principle is enforced through an internal procedure of personal employee liability. 


Levant and Partner’s clients are not only companies from the majority of the countries of the European Union, but also companies with business interests in the Russian Federation. The reputation of a law firm’s clients is an indicator of its colleagues’ professionalism and, therefore, of the quality of the services it offers. Our firms’ clients are large and small companies.  


The firm’s most recent projects relate to emerging technologies and the large-scale construction of production complexes in Moscow and several other important regions in Russia.